• Sensor icon, status OK Sensor

    Status OK. Click it to see the latest measurement.

  • Sensor icon, status unknown Sensor

    Status unknown.

  • Sensor cluster icon Sensor cluster

    When many sensors are in a small area they are clustered together to avoid a messy map. The number of sensors in the cluster are indicated (4 in this case). Click it to reveal the sensors in the cluster.

  • Gateway icon, status OK Gateway

    Status OK. Click it to see the latest status.

  • Gateway icon, status unknown Gateway

    Status unknown.

  • Gateway range icon Gateway observed range

    Indicates the distance to the sensor furthest away sending data to the gateway.

  • Connection icon Link

    Represents a measurement message sent from a sensor to a gateway. Click it to see the radio transmission details.

The Carbon Track and Trace project measures the greenhouse gas levels of cities.

On this page you can observe the network of sensors as it collects data.

MQTT Broker Status